Wednesday, July 27, 2011

double trouble

lets talk about TWINS.
i have a twin-sister,we're identical,she's just ahead of me after they pulled her out,Im still inside my mother's womb-the doctors are beggining to stitch my mother's open wound!-hello im still inside..
in short one of them realized im still stucked inside-so they open the stitch again and pulled me out..
having a twin is great,but there are disavantages too- we're both identical girl twins..
we kept on borrowing each other's clothes,things and other stuff like shoes!!
the good advantage- she is your permanent BFF . you go to movies together,eat together,fight with same enemy,laugh same time,cry same time,
but still we are not perfectly same.finger-prints,attitude,style,etc etc...
im grateful i have an identical twin to laugh and cry with.and fight with sometimes... eerrr :)

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