Wednesday, July 27, 2011

enter my dreams..

my thoughts are racing around my head
and you're one of them.
I don't want to be alone..
sometimes i just wish i could grab you just to be with me
and i can say I will be fine..
aarrgghhh this is crazy!! 
what the..??
i just want to scream out your name --but i can't ..
they know you.-well some of them..
you dont even have a clue,If you noticed that..i can say you are great!
my sweet one.. hope you understand
i had this crazy idea -i asked your friend to relay the message..
its a failure..
i hope someday you will realize..
im not just crazy about you..
i do care..and i needed to show it..
well im doing it right now..
you're just to numb.and insensitive??
no..its me- being stupid.. and scared 
to tell ....
ok enough with these words..
just enter my wild night-in my dreams

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