Wednesday, July 27, 2011

what would you do if you're upset?

feel the solitude of being alone.
whenever i feel bad about something ..until i realized im just upset-from workplace or from some annoying bitch who always lashed me till im pissed.I dont give them chance to put me down but they annoyed me already in some ways.well i deal with it alone..
alone means-dont disturb me at gonna put my headsets on,click my mouse for some acoustic songs i can enjoy,
there are time i can't deal with my sad moment-I go out -if its in the middle of the night,
like one time i remember crying over a tiny star I can't even see very clearly coz tears are falling down my cheeks.
I don't remember the situation what made me upset that day-i remember clearly-I was looking at that tiny little star with tears in my eyes.wishing ..and thoughts running around my head..
that exactly happened in Deira Dubai, United Arab Emirates-all mixed bad emotions plus hormonal -( pms ) 
I wasn't able to cope my bad day..coz everything just popped after one in tangna!  lahat ng mura nasabi ko na -siyett,pati piglet namura ko na-pak!!!( tagalog ng fuck)
what i did ..i let my self loose.just cry ..and soon it will be over- and its true.
my eyes are swollen ,yes,but im feeling a lot better after crying.
i felt better.not to mention I once kicked an expensive tire out of anger.Tires can be your emotional outlet-they are flexible..your foot will bounce actually..

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