Wednesday, July 27, 2011

DEdma as usual

ilang beses kitang bina buzz..dedma.
sadya wla kang pakiramdam?
kahit man lng isang hi would I know if you're upset with me,
or just busy.or pretendting to be busy..
di na kita maintindihan,..
sa harap ng mga kaibigan mo..halos di mo na ako kausapin-kasi as usual sila lng nakikita mo..
I've been invisible in front of you since when? since we were aquainted.
don't worry i got used to it..
there are times you are incredibly sweet-I don't understand..
wag mo naman ako gawing pamasak butas..ayoko isipin pero yun ang na fe feel ko.
why you're doing this to me?
paksyet naman o.Im ok with being invisible sometimes.
but try to see my efforts..kasi malapit na kitang iwanan..I can just give up and forget everything about you-alam mo ba yan?
paksyet namang buhay to a champion of being Invisible-yay!

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