Tuesday, July 26, 2011

if you're losin your fight

im out of control sometimes..
my temper goes crazy.
and my peers tend to loose their patience.

i needed to do this ..only we deal with our experiences differently, in ways which are right for us as individuals..
as a blogger-this is my only way to burst my angst..my sentiments and my never ending wishes to be happy ..
never occurred in my mind to give it up-there are so many ways to extend our anger.- put it in words..shout !
I came to a point where the lowest self-esteem came in me..adding to that people around you enjoyed seing you lashed..and bashed around..the lashing is ok with me..but i can never allow somebody to smashed my spirits and my heart- few people did..and mind you--they will crash your heart into pieces..
only my way of keeping my sanity intact, to believe that we all live in a circular path..sometimes we are in the bottom ..and one day we will be on top..
one day it will
ewan ko ba..bat kaya ? people are so judgemental.they will put labels and tag you even!  wicked and so pathetic..
i can't deal with other people's judgement always..
they can't focus on their own life? why they tend to focus on other people's lives?
just a thought--I THINK ITS PATHETIC

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