Tuesday, July 26, 2011

ughh U make me nervous..

I can't say im shaking.
rather i'd be speechless-i can't say anything! just a normal conversation WTH?
what makes you do that to me? oh yeah You got me there staring at you like an idiot.like a hypnotized person following you around
after-all i realize you're just my huge crush for now..
the whole personality blew me away. plus the killer smile..sigh..and another sigh
this is not good i know Im saying this to my blogs rather say it you directly..
this is not normal to me at all..
I just wish you'd be a little considerate about how i feel..
everytime you showed up,you making me nervous..
what the hell?
i kept asking myself ..why U??
over and over..what i discovered from you that i kept digging your whole life instead.
its like begging for your attention yet you don't even know..
STUPID right?
i even asked your closest friend for advise..even my own 
i got answer and im not happy to hear those words--like try to switch your mind to someone else..
naahhhh..i found myself looking for answers..
its hard ..trying to dictate your mind..or your heart!
I'd rather be a stubborn trying to know you more,
i'd rather be like an idiot following you around,
than pretending to like somebody like this much.

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