Monday, July 25, 2011

mY thoughts,my blogs

this is my first time to write ..
im considering as a daily blog..
to shout what im feeling at the moment..
i don't care how its written..
in metaphor or direct way. what's important for me :
is to express what i feel:

...can I ask you?
to leave me alone..
I can't focus,
I can't breathe..
So pls stop swimming inside my head..
It hurts me more.
my brain stops as my heart started to pump
Im feeling kind of foolish..grabbing your name out 
so I could start fosusing on my head ,and not my heart.
Isn't it lovely,just thinking of your name,
makes me smile for a bit,It helps though.
yet It gave me a disturbing moment...
Can I just have a reason to hate you?
So I could stop insisting myself to you..
Can I just ask God to take wipe out all the memories that we had..
So I am hurt No more..
If Only I could ..I would possibly erase you completely..
Only what's left is your name-without an emotion that tormented my soul..
--- this is just an expression ..
 thanks for reading..if you liked the words written above...
thanks a lot.If you can relate to that, allow me to join you in my journey..thanks!!

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