Saturday, August 6, 2011

if life is for rent..

sometimes i believe in that part of the song -i dont know if you remember Dido,the one who sing this song Life for rent..
if life really is for rent ? can we afford to rent ..anyting from starting from happiness.. we have wide ipinions about happiness..(sigh)  who doesn't want a dose of being happy?
is it really hard to achieve--kakaluurrkkkyyy
i've been chasing this word for life!
i needed a room to keep and save some of it..and i needed to keep it for good..
i don;t want to loose it.
I will pay the price just to get it.
coz that's what matters most.
i wouldn't even trade it for something fancy..fancy is a funny thing..its fooling you . its a traitor..and its dark..
i knw..the rent is too high--to hell with it--but im getting it right now..
im gonna pay my rent--for my happiness..
with what i had been through...i think i've had enough..
i have to grab this chance--otherwise i might take the wrong turn..
got tired of loosing my mind ..mostly hehe.
what can i say???  i dont complain that much..
but i think i do have the right to be happy..

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