Tuesday, August 9, 2011

like i have to endure it!! aahhhh

ok i know your life is perfect..no mistakes..all good stuff coming in to you..i can say- bwisit ka!
just mind your own monkey-business..
and with messing my life already--i get it--your pretty life with full roses is perfect..
like I care..
i don't get your intention of getting your advises..coz your life also is full of ass_ F__g s__t --there..
and mind you...
your  personal problems are not mine..so mine is not yours either--so could you just  SHUT UP!!! AND DO YOUR thing..
why is it difficult to mind your own pig-business..right now -you just gave me the ultimate nerve-wrecking --hello...im not messing with you
im not giving you shit..or im not minding your own personal life..so try to grab some control..and be a person that every other person should treat you good as well..
you piece of a waste..SA MADALING SALITA- PAKILAMERA~RO... THERE..
i hope you got this right..
stop judging me.and enjoy life...( i dont want to end up depressed like you..like a piece of nerd-fuckin loser.

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