Tuesday, August 2, 2011

me..sitting alone thinking..

wow ...
this is my last day,last night in the Philippines..
i tried to go back from day 1..but nah ..i can't stop the time.
my flight is tomorrow .im freaking out again..we all know its reaching 35,000 feet ( whooo) im scared of heights..
I don't have a choice ,just i try to brace it,deal with the flying blah..blah..

It amazes me travelling by air..you could go to another country at same day via air trave;-that's the only idea i love..fast..unlike the times when we only travel by trains,buses and ships..you have to count the days ,or even a month..

im a little anxious about leaving ..mixed emotions pouring in my whole body..
maybe feeling the stress of leaving your love ones behind(again) 
plus a special person also is left behind,,
i found it difficult to cope with sadness..the last time i remember-when i went for vacation, and when going back to normal routines..i totally broke down to tears. open to the other passengers seated nearby. I don't care at all..
i just care of letting my emotions go..otherwise if i keep those bad feelings inside..I feel sick.so i had to let it out.cry it out..anyway what's wrong with crying?

plus the AIRPORT- i dont like the "rush" in this area. and the fact that its a melting pot already- mixed race that you can't even trust-except those you knew for long time... haaiissttt its stressful. the cue. the food cue, the visa cue,the toilet cue-- lahat PILA!!!!!

ai nakakaloka...gotta go..now i have to rest my eyes..
my next blog will be the first weeks back in the Middle East--  :) see you folks!

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