Sunday, July 31, 2011

sanity..sanity..pls stay beside me

show all my  angst! here in this room- my freedom to show it  coz its my room.At least this is safe for me.

somewhere maybe in a crooked path..or  maybe a straight one.I want to go in a road so smooth and easy.

our hearts are the most delicate part of the body but it serves as the number one killer as well.
if you're broken hearted, you could easily decide to be drunk and think of any bad ideas that come in your ending it all for good..
I still have that sanity NOT TO..coz its the idea of being a LOSER.
instead I see it as a challenge -a challenge to show it in a unique style.
damn it will be good-or bad- I don't know what's next ..
if I took the wrong turn, I have this reaction at first to be freakin pissed..then goes the darkness side of me..

I won't talk to anyone..and Im developing the behaviour of being numb,insensitive,and plain bitch to anybody i could "TRIP" just what they call it .TRIPPING
my trip-well im sorry for those people im tripping with. they are the victims-i know they didn't do anything to me-but its part of my cruelty to be honest..I can bully anybody i want to in my own way.
after that..back to normal..Im beggining to be the person i developed- sweet,loving and caring to my friends who deserved.
im not regreting any of my behaviours lately-coz its part of being ME.
I can scream,I can scrape a new car in a parking lot with my keys, i can just blow someone's mind but will i ever get the result good? NO-it will make the situation worst.
some of it ,i did already- i ended up disappointed.
oh gosh ..this is really crazy- sometimes i feel like MY ROAD is getting rough..I wish i could clean or press the roughness of this road  just like we're buying shampoo..that easy
sana..sana..madaling mabili ang kasiyahan...haayy me mga bwisit lng talaga sa buhay natin-at kanya-kanya taung pananaw dun.. pero mga bwisit pa rin sila! uber paking siyet

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