Tuesday, January 10, 2012

blogs? anyone...

wrtting..blogs..i just loved it..better than any drug or medication..i will write a s often as i can from now on, and yes I have more time to think what to write.makes me feel alive and existing in some other way.
and yes im on twitter too..not a regular visitor on tweets but..from time to time im checking ..who's checking who..
people might wonder..im seeking attention ..that's why im writting blogs..no..no..no...
this is my way of expressing what i feel at the moment.that's why we call it blogging.
long time ago we had diaries,notebooks to fill up..or just a normal pen and paper to write what we feel.
like a theraphy..no need to go to expensive therapist..and receive prescriptions saying "take this tablet once a week ( like for example Prozac)  yes it helped a little ..but that didn't help your purse to relax...
its so F__ng expensive prescribed medicine!.. and yes you need to go to a therapist , you will be charged...
so I decided to do some self-medication...thru blogs and everything that can help to keep our sanity safe.
yes I admit im feeling so down lately..I've made a decision, in a snap.
not really thinking what happens next?  or will I hurt some people I know. in the end I made that stupid mistake..
I've lost a couple of friendship before..never could I imagine this made a huge impact in my life.
I don't know what I'm thinking that time ..but i got the urge to show just what i feel..-is that wrong?
I believe even a tiny little thing wants to be loved..and we are all free to show it.
I've been so careless. I can't deny the fact Im always careless for my actions. like,the words coming out from my mouth, I "ve been so un-kind lately....and yes.. i can be so damn sweet.I will show it in a real way..not pretending just to be LIKED..or win your heart..If I don't feel like doing it..I don't go for it...
Forgive me for my recent actions...but I do know I've been trying to prove myself that I can be useful too.
....been bashed ,lashed before you know it..and I fall so many times..lately..I just received a nasty comment, "
my blogs are written by a person seeking ,desperately looking for attention...hell no....
this is my way of expressing,and I keep on insisting this is like theraphy.
a situation. like,
one nyt I was standing looking for that sparkling star..or I don't know maybe that tiny little planet Venus visible from our atmosphere, I made it a habit, when you feel bad..just look for your favorite star...and let your tears flow ..You will feel better.
blogs can do real theraphy..you go online,you dig your emotions..and voila! there are words written according to its event.I dont want my body and my mind collide without shouting,that  made me crazy.that's why i rely on writting,I don't care if its written in a different form,but I want to show it.

and my friends, as I want everyone to think Im just a crazy,looking-damn-sweet,gaga....I have been thru difficult situations which is hurtful, and I'm full of good intentions.
If I offended that much..pls forgive me..coz I'm trying feel human too..but being so careless..yes i totally admit.
maybe I was to confident,and in a positive way of thinking it will be ok.

goodnyt my friends,

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