Monday, July 25, 2011

because of YOU..

my heart pumping in chaos
whenever i heard you coming..
then you threw a quick glance.
i secretly felt pleasure
at the back of my mind ,God how i wish i could say it.
right now..
a little complicated i suppose..
sometimes i tried to take a risk
: to hell with it" 
im going to talk to you and try to win you over that person you don't even know by culture..
who knows? maybe in a twist it will make you realize how much attention I've given just to make you feel special..
how would you know ..i never got the chance to show it..
instead its all coming in a message -like a metaphor..
comes with dual meaning..that made you wonder ..
why I behave that way?
I hope you knew i was just showing my care..
sometimes i just thought ...
i wish I never got the chance of knowing a wonderful person like you
coz its difficult to turn down a person so bad when actually its the best i've known..
it was you .who made me realize ..
that not all people are the same ass__t..or even annoying..
you became an eye-opener for me..
i let my self free
because of YOU...
I can smile -a real smile..
i hope someday you will realize how i wrote this..
out of desperation..well in fact all of those written out in misery turned out good enough than pretending..
siyet..sana alam mo kung sino ka..kasi akoy natutunaw na parang kandila..eheemm

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